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Energy: Simplified

BlueSky Power
Not Your Typical Energy Firm

A truly sustainable future is only achievable if we fundamentally change how we power our lives. It's our belief that progress has to start with accessibility - to modern energy education, to simplified project development, and to utility alternatives.

Our passionate team of innovators works with leading organizations across the US to make their energy aspirations a reality - from carbon reduction strategies to resiliency projects at critical healthcare facilities - by focusing on accessibility and stakeholder engagement. In an industry known for complexity, we strive to simplify and streamline.

Our Vision
A World Without Wires

The future that we pursue together is a world without power outages, without harmful emissions, and, yes, without wires. The centralized grid model used by utilities to deliver electricity over thousands of miles is outdated and failing fast.

Widespread power failures - like the Texas energy crisis - will soon become a common occurrence if we continue to depend on the monopolized utilities.

A world without wires is a world of energy independence, where buildings and homes are completely self-sustaining using modern clean technologies to generate, store and use electricity when and where it's needed.

The good news? The transition to this future has already begun: many of our institutional and governmental customers are actively taking steps to decrease or eliminate their reliance on utilities, while slashing emissions and becoming more reliable in the process.

Bringing these options to the general public - to peoples' homes - is the next step forward. As microgrid technologies have advanced, becoming more efficient and less cost prohibitive, so too has the possibility for a true off-grid utility alternative.

The Future

As covid-19 shut down the world in 2020, home became our work, school, gym and sanctuary. At the same time, fires raged in California and Texas had its own personal ice age. The world was crying out for something better.

OhmGrid is a modern utility alternative designed from the ground up for modern life. This means simple, flat billing, an excellent dedicated service team and absolutely no power outages.

To learn more or sign up, head to OhmGrid.com