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Cathedral Village’s energy infrastructure had reached the end of its useful life. Management identified the need for a sustainable energy makeover to their facility to provide reliability for their residents’ energy consumption for cooking, heating, laundry and water heating. To make the project work, Cathedral Village needed financing and any grants available for such energy efficient developments.


Blue Sky Power assessed the facilities and properties with its engineers and designed a complete overhaul and replacement of its energy infrastructure. BSP developed the projects at no cost to Cathedral Village, including engineering, securing a $500,000 state clean energy grant, financing and contractor selection and management, utility interconnection design and approvals and negotiations of the 20 year Energy Services Agreement, a site lease agreement and other related agreements for the CV Board of Directors. Cathedral Village was able to achieve payback on day one, reduce its carbon footprint by 350 metric tons over 20 years, offset its electricity consumption by 1.16 million kW, and achieve $146k in annual energy savings.



Cooking, heating, laundry and hot water are essential to providing quality care to its residents. By replacing their energy infrastructure, Blue Sky Power was able to ensure that Cathedral Village will keep its residents powered with clean, resilient, and efficient energy infrastructure for decades to come. Additionally, the enormous annual savings puts money back into its operating budget to serve its residents.


With the rising cost of pharmaceuticals, food and energy, Cathedral Village was wary of any project that would increase the capital budget. Blue Sky Power secured a $500k grant, and because BSP financed the project, there were zero upfront costs and Cathedral Village saves $146k annually.


Cathedral Village was able to reduce their carbon footprint by 350 metric tons over 20 years, offset their electricity consumption by 1.16 million kW, and reduced their heating by 6,140 MMBtu.

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