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After Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast, Masonic Village wanted to take its enormous campus with antiquated steam system and electrical infrastructure and make it more efficient and resilient. Outdated infrastructure was also costly to maintain and operate.


Blue Sky Power was the Clean Energy Project Developer for the foundation’s integrated Microgrid project that will save approximately $4,000,000 over 20 years, consisting of 500kW cogeneration central plant, energy infrastructure and efficiency upgrades and 1.2 MW solar project built on 5 acres of the Masonic Home’s 400-acre senior living campus in Burlington Township.

In conjunction with the energy projects, Blue Sky Power worked closely with the utility for complex interconnection approvals, analyzed and modeled years of energy usage data and collaborated with the third party energy suppliers in negotiating the supply contracts to ensure favorable terms for the Foundation. Blue Sky Power developed the projects, including engineering, securing $1M state clean energy grant, financier and contractor selection and management, and negotiations of the 20 year Energy Services Agreement, a site lease agreement and other related agreements for the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Blue Sky Power handled all finance and contractor negotiations and managed land use, permitting and other approvals. The solar project was commissioned in April 2011 and cogeneration project in 2015. The projects together provide an over 30% average reduction of energy costs for the Foundation.



To Masonic Village, the core mission of their operations is the care of the many residents living on the campus. As with all senior living facilities, high food and pharmaceutical costs are unavoidable and contribute to most of Masonic Village’s expenses. By implementing sustainable energy solutions, Blue Sky Power was able to give Masonic Village a much more predictable cost slope for their energy in the foreseeable future, allowing it to focus on the needs of residents and support its core mission.


  • Blue Sky Power secured a $1 million clean energy grant
  • The foundation’s integrated Microgrid project will save approximately $4,000,000 over 20 years
  • The projects together provide an over 30% average reduction of energy costs for the Foundation


  • Carbon output from Masonic Village was reduced by 1,507 metric tons annually.
  • Integrated microgrid with a 500kW cogeneration central plant
  • Energy infrastructure and efficiency upgrades
  • 2 MW solar project

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