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Following a full building survey for infrastructure repositioning, Simpson House identified a dire need to replace failing infrastructure (boilers, AC chillers, pumps, piping, etc.) that had reached the end of its useful life-cycle. With the rising cost of food and pharmaceuticals, two of its largest expenses, Simpson House needed increased long-term control and stability of energy prices and costs. Faced with needing a complete overhaul, it could not afford such a project, nor did it know whom to turn to for help.


Blue Sky Power developed, financed and constructed a 265 kW Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) Plant, upgraded existing electrical infrastructure, installed a building management system, and retrofitted lighting fixtures and related sensors/controls (“Energy Infrastructure Projects”) for a CCRC run by Simpson Senior Services, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project was completed in 2017.

Blue Sky Power developed the projects at no cost to Simpson Senior Services, including engineering, securing $400,000 state clean energy grant, financier and contractor selection and management, utility interconnection design and approvals and negotiation of the 20-year Energy Services Agreement, a site lease agreement and other related agreements for the Simpson Senior Services Board of Directors. The project replaced failing equipment that reached the end of its useful life, saving the facility on its capital and operating budget.



By supplying a reliable, efficient, sustainable energy infrastructure, Blue Sky Power assisted Simpson House in focusing on their core mission: the aid and service of senior citizens. With the high food and pharmaceutical costs that are unavoidable in senior care, Simpson House needed a predictable cost slope for the foreseeable future. Through procurement negotiations and new, efficient infrastructure, Blue Sky Power developed a solution that addressed these needs and supported their mission.


  • Blue Sky Power cultivated $680,000 in state clean energy grants and other incentives for the project.
  • No money was required up-front.


  • Carbon output from the Simpson House was reduced by 27,000 tons.
  • Implementation of trigeneration (CCHP) efficiently produce electricity and heat with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and no harmful chemical pollutants.

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