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Blue Sky Power was hired by Thomas Foods International, an Australian meat processor of some of the world’s finest meat, to assist in bringing its 2.4MW solar project to fruition and assist with reducing energy consumption and costs through a thoughtful procurement strategy.

Blue Sky Power coordinated with the utility, engineers and contractors to ensure that the implementation of the large commercial net metered solar project brought substantial cost savings to TFI and is developing a long-term energy strategy for the ever-growing American operations of this global meat provider.

Sustainability is a core value of Thomas Foods, with the company aiming to “not only meet, but to exceed the guidelines for emissions reductions.” Blue Sky Power has helped TFI embrace this mission through this 2.4 MW Solar Project, which reduces CO2 emissions by 1,972 metric tons per year.

The 2.4 MW Rooftop-mounted and Carport Solar installations will produce a cumulative 2.79 million kWh per year, resulting in average yearly energy cost savings of $514,000 for Thomas Foods.


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