BlueSky Delivers Trigeneration CCHP to Mississippi State University

On January 31, the installation of MSU’s new clean energy microgrid for its College View campus began with the delivery of the absorption chiller and Combined Heating and Power (CHP) unit made by Martin Energy Group.

College View is an innovative public-private partnership between Mississippi State University and a Blue Sky Power client. The $67 million mixed-use village on a 34-acre parcel of land posed several dilemmas for the client. The first was how to provide the entire complex with HVAC and electricity from one central source. The next question was how to do so sustainably, which is in keeping with the client’s sustainability commitments. An energy system would also have to be developed and maintained economically. Next, the client and MSU desired maximum resiliency in the event of grid failure.

With the College View complex microgrid being able to operate in island mode, residents will be guaranteed power when the grid goes down. This resilient energy model allows the client to tout the benefits of living in its facilities and gives it advantage over facilities that are completely reliant on the grid.

By installing the most modern and efficient energy infrastructure, Blue Sky Power is ensuring that energy costs are as low as possible not only for the client, but for its residents as well.

  • $116,000 in annual energy savings
  • $2,900,000 to be saved over the estimated useful life of the project
  • $0 upfront costs thanks to Blue Sky Power financing
  • Client enjoys long-term energy cost certainty

To learn more about this project, visit the MSU project page:

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