FEATURE: A Clean Future for Triton High School

Gloucester Township, NJ -November 10, 2020 – Gloucester Township and energy advisor BlueSky Power held a ribbon cutting event  Monday, November 16th to officially kick off the commissioning of a new 822kW solar project at Triton High School. The new solar installation at Triton High School is part of a larger solar initiative across the Black Horse Pike Regional School District (BHPRSD), which has already seen the completion of 1.5MW of solar at both Triton and Timber Creek High School. This project increases the BHPSRD solar energy total to 2,742,000 kWh, saving the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs and eliminating over 29,000 metric tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions over the 15-year contract term.

“Gloucester Township’s focused pursuit of a cleaner community and world for its residents has resulted in award winning, nationally recognized clean energy projects and a significant decrease in the Township’s carbon footprint” said BlueSky Power CEO Ben Parvey. “That focus is demonstrated once again with the Triton Solar Project, ensuring that students are learning in an environment powered by renewable energy.”

The BHPRSD solar projects are a component of Gloucester Township’s longstanding Energy Master Plan, which has orchestrated the installation of over 15 Megawatts(MW)of solar, including 8 MW of solar on two landfills, 6 MW of solar at 11 schools and municipal sites, solar truckport canopies at Public Works buildings, and EV charging stations at municipal sites. The clean energy projects accomplished to date have resulted in the elimination of approximately 12,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, and significant energy savings for the Township and its residents.

January 25, 2022
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